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Bowling Green, OH. Stoner punk, Metal.

Troublegiant's release, "Eins! Zwei! Nein!" continues in their tradition of bizarre and utterly original genre-blending intensity.

"Eins! Zwei! Nein!" is a nine track, half hour journey of how to blend metal and punk into a offbeat smoothie of destruction. Songs display rhythm mixups from retro style punk to chugging metal breakdowns, percolated with vocals both mellow and screeching,, all while pounding drums keep the whole album at a blistering pace.

While TG does seem to have a sense of humor in their delivery and ideas, there is no joke about how heavy the songs actually are, at times recalling Helmet or Faith No More, in their ability to mesh crushing tone with driving rhyhtms. Any comparisons are superficial, however, as TG has a habit of pivoting from one idea to another both seamlessly and without warning, in a way that actually works for each track.

For both the attention deficit and listeners keen on music that covers a lot of ground, "Eins! Zwei! Nein!" is a must have.

Andrew Clark - Bass/Vocals
Nick Grifka - Guitar/Vocals
Ben Bomblitz - Drums/Vocals

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Nick Shallcross
Recorded at Bucyrus Actual Studio

Mixed at Coleman Villa



Cleveland, OH. Techno. 

The Mongrel King


Dan Cooper is The Mongrel King. Fusing art and music with an uninhibited nature, Dan has been leaving his mark on the Toledo music scene with his unique brand of art rock. Combining his experimental acoustic music with a passion for sculpture and painting, Dan’s work is as much catharsis as it is performance. With a loud, abrasive, and confrontational sound, his fiery shows remove the barrier between him and the audience. Based out of Findlay, OH, Dan is now working with MegaScritch Records to release his music and his first EP will be out in 2019. Not short on material, he expects to release many more records in the near future.