At MegaScritch Records our focus is to not only enable you to release the best music you can, but to capture the culture of music around you.


As musicians, writers, artists, and fans, our access and passion gives us an inside perspective of industry. We use that to help artists break into the public consciousness via in depth coverage and high quality releases.


Through tracks that have been painstakingly crafted, and stories that dive deep into the artists' world, our mission is to elevate not just the artist, but the entire music landscape.


We believe that our music community can be better, and we are working to make that a reality. Delivering enhanced access for fans, delivering top quality tracks for artists, those are our jobs. We live through music, do you?

Our Team
Giulio Ricciardi
Kelly Wollbet

Giulio Ricciardi

Founder | CEO

Megan Cullison
Creative Director | COO

Kelly Wolbert

Public Relations | Writer


Madison Bressler

A&R | Writer

Connor Roth


Kirby Richardson


Dave Guggino

Production Consultant

Andrew Vogelpohl

Freelance Photographer

Vince Driver

Freelance Editor/Writer


Press Kits

  • Album review

  • Headshots

  • Biography/write-up

Graphic Design

  • Album art

  • Business cards

  • Sticker/Logo design


  • Audio recordings

  • Track mixing

  • Album Mastering

Event Coverage

  • Scouting

  • Event write-up

  • Event photography

  • Event videography

Artist Coverage

  • Scouting

  • Artist write-up

  • Artist photography

  • Artist videography

  • Photoshoots​

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